Archos Safe-T Mini

Archos Safe T-mini – Multiple blockchain Hardware wallet

– Use your ARCHOS Safe-T Mini to isolate your cryptographic keys (offline) to protect your assets, send and receive payments and verify your account securely.
– Compatible with Electrum and MyCrypto. The ARCHOS Safe-T mini supports more than 75% of the total cryptographic market, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum and ERC20. A dedicated R&D team is working on adding new compatibilities.
– The design has been specifically designed to include a CryptoMemory, a dedicated security chip, as a trusted root. It is used to store the user’s private keys, allows secure PIN code and communication encryption and has hardware countermeasures to deal with attacks. The software is open-source and available on GitHub.
– The integrated screen displays all transaction information and allows the holder to verify it before physically confirming it using the buttons, for security reasons. There is no way for potential hackers to modify transactions. The ARCHOS Safe-T Mini allows its contents to be recovered in a new device in the event of loss or theft, using a 24-word recovery key generated when the Safe-T Mini is first used.